Join us as we honor the beauty of diversity and the unity it brings to our community. Come experience a world of wonders all under one roof!

Our Mission

It is our mission to increase awareness about diversity & inclusivity between various multicultural communities. We want to enhance the pivotal need of appreciating their values & heritages through cross-cultural discussions and collaborations in Charleston.

Our Vision

To create a beautiful & healthy platform that will facilitate multicultural & diverse community involvement of all ages through festivals, networking events, and workshops, throughout the year.

Our Objectives

  • To unite multicultural communities.
  • To showcase high-quality multicultural music, dance and artistic
    performances and provide a forum to performers from different
  • To advance artistic expression for equity-seeking & multicultural
    communities by providing them opportunities to self-express and
  • To showcase authentic & nutritious food from various regions of the
  • To showcase traditional attire & heritage exhibits of various countries.

Contact Us

For more further details or to discuss custom sponsorship packages tailored to your company’s needs please contact us at 843-909-6496 or

So, come join us in this lively, joyous, and inclusive gathering, where the heartbeat of various cultures resonates, where stories are shared, and where friendships are formed amidst a celebration of our wonderful diversity. Welcome to a festival that celebrates the world!

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